Orthodontics & Splints

The orthodontics department at Turner’s uses the highest-available quality German acrylic approved by Health Canada, and only the best German wires and cadmium-free solders.  You can expect only the highest-quality products, with guaranteed workmanship and repairs to the public available (stone models required). Retainer cases are included with every splint and removable appliance, and we provide duplicate models to show precise fit.

Orthodontics Orthodontics Orthodontics



All orthodontic appliances are covered against misfabrication (fitting problems) for 60 days, with no insurance purchase necessary. 

We also offer an insurance plan which allows the patient to extend their coverage for up to one year.  This plan covers breakage, loss, misuse, etc., but the replacement appliance must be the exact same as the original.  The fee for this program is $55.  For snoring appliances, there is a charge of 50% of the original price for an insurance claim.  Please call us if you'd like more information about insuring your orthodontic appliance!